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Welcome to Green Onion Fusion of Asian, Indian-lakhnawi & Tandoor dishes.

We serve a variety of our own special mouth watering, exotic Oriental food which has Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Asian food) and also Indian, Nawabi, Tandoor dishes and yummy dessert which includes Fried Ice cream, Coconut & Dates pancake and much more !

Asian Fusion is a celebration of the best of every Asian nation, a tribute to each culture, Neighbourhood, Heritage, Tradition, Food, language and everything in between. Most of all, it is a celebration of Asian people, who continue to make world changing contributions both in their native countries and abroad.

Green Onion cuisine is rich and colorful, has, as its main features diversified color, aromatic flavor, and excellent taste. With these three characteristics, cuisine is not only tasty but also a work of art for people to appreciate.

The vastness of China's and India’s geography and history echoes through the polyphony of  it’s cuisine. The mountainous west, in Szechwan and Hunan provinces, Steamy heat, Spicy foods and selective Nawabi - Awadhi dishes in the menu fills the restaurant with zing!

Thai food is characterized by its use of coconut milk, Curry and Rice. Diversity is the essence of Malaysian food. Two staple ingredients in Malay cooking are noodles and rice which accompany all Meals.

Indian - Lakhnawi & Tandoor dishes – Haldi Ghati Ka Murg, Lahori Murg, Kashmiri Roganjosh, Mutton Nalli Nihari, Kheema Hara Masala, Dum Ka Dahi  Murg  few dishes to treat you in a nawabi way.


REGULAR SPECIALITY – Burmese Khow Suey, Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Seven Jewel Fried Rice, Burnt Garlic Chilli Fried rice, Phad Thai noodles, Mee Goreng Noodles to name few…

CHEF SPECIAL – Crab, Lobster, Roast Lamb, Pomfret, Roast Chicken with choice of Spicy Black bean / Tangy Hoisin / Black pepper / Chilli Oyster, Spicy Schezwan / Chilli bean exotic sauces.


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